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Moving to NYC ♥️ 🍎

Hello my friends, hope you are enjoying this weekend to the maximum!!

Today is my last day in Los Angeles, tomorrow flying to NYC to fight Covid🦠 & start my OB/GYN residency ✈️.

Very excited about this new journey, all I have worked during my entire life, medical school, hospital, research, exams, came to an end, and fruitful new beginning. ☀️

When I started med school in Argentina with only 18 years old I never even thought at that time that I would end up being a doctor in NYC.

Hard work, discipline, pursing your goals & many, many, many hours of studying seated on a chair definitely pays off. 💪

I have always been a fan of the change, I can’t just be static in my life, in one place, not growing my mind, heart, and soul. 🧠 ❤️ 🙏

Change always brings new improvements, change means progress, means breaking the habit, new opportunities, new beginnings, which will also lead you to meet new great people, places & adventures. 

Growing up is a process: In this life sometimes you will win, you will lose, you will cry, you will grow, you will learn, you will fail, but never stop trying one more time and pursing your dreams! 💪

All the best to you all, tons of success, no matter your current situation or where you are - continue working hard, pursuring your goals and purpose in life, don’t be afraid of change.

New York City see I'm coming for you! ♥️ 🍎

I also wanted to tell you guys that I stoped eating meat and all dairy products, I'll update you later how my new plant-based🌱 diet is going, so far, so good! Feeling really good!!

Love, help & care for you and others during the process, and at the end, your dreams will come true! 💫✨💥🙌

Sebastian Arruarana, MD

Fb: Doctor Sebas

Instagram: @doctor.sebas

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