100+ Internal Medicine IMG friendly programs 😍

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Very excited to have put together 100+ IMG friendly program!! 🎉

After the very successful IMG Event, here comes IMG Efforts. In this profession of helping and healing mankind, we would like to begin by strengthening our own comrades. We are dedicating it to all those who find themselves stuck in their journey due to lack of accessible and free resources. This is one of many posts in the spirit of helping each other.

We have gathered all the data and made this post to help you search for IMG friendly residency programs offering Internal Medicine in the USA.

The post includes:

1. State wise list of Internal Medicine Residency Programs

2. Application requirements

3. Contact Information


1. St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Program--

Program Director: Patricia L McNally, MD

E-mail: patricia.mcnally@stjoeshealth.org

USMLE SCORE: Step 1 >220, Step 2 >230

YSG(Years since graduation): 3 years or less

USCE:Preferable not mandatory

VISA:J1 Visa, with the sponsorship through ECFMG.

Link: Internal Medicine Residency | St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor

Link to IM Residency program blog: St. Joseph Mercy - IM/TY Residency Blog | Our Residents, Our Family, Being Remarkable

2.Henry Ford Hospital/Wayne State University Program

Program Director: Odaliz E Abreu Lanfranco, MD

Link: Internal Medicine Residency | Henry Ford Hospital

USMLE SCORE:Their current intern class average USMLE scores is Step 1-236 and Step 2-245.

VISA:They sponsor a J1 visa for those applicants needing visa sponsorship. Do not sponsor an H1b visa.

YSG:Medical school graduation should be no more than 3 years ago.

3.Henry Ford Allegiance Health Program---

Program Director: Vivek Kak, MD

E-mail: vkak1@hfhs.org

Link: Internal Medicine Residency | Henry Ford Allegiance Health

USMLE SCORE:No minimum cutoff

VISA:They do not sponsor H1B visas.

LORs: 3-4

4.Wayne State University School of Medicine Program---

Program Director: Sarwan Kumar, MD

Link: https://intmed.med.wayne.edu/application

USMLE SCORE: Must pass Step 1 and Step 2.

USCE:Preferable 2-3 months

YSG: <5 years(but < 2-3 years preferred)

5.Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Program---

Program Director: Jarrett J Weinberger, MD

E-mail: jaweinbe@med.wayne.edu

Website : https://intmed.med.wayne.edu/application

USMLE Score : No USMLE score cut-off but pass on first attempt

USCE : 2-3 months preferred

VISA: Only sponsors J1 Visa

YSG < 5 Years (but < 2-3 years preferred)

6.Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University (Sinai Grace) Program---

Program Director: Siddique Mohamed Sayeedur Rahman, MD

E-mail: lndjipa@dmc.org

Website : http://www.sgintmed.org

USMLE Score : Require at least 220 on both Step 1 and Step 2

VISA:They sponsor a J1 visa for applicants needing visa sponsorship. Do not sponsor an H1b visa.

YSG < 5 years required

7.Michigan State University Program / Sparrow Hospital--

Program Director: supratik rayamajhi, MD

E-mail : supratik.rayamajhi@hc.msu.edu

Website : http://www.im.msu.edu

USMLE Score : Require at least 200 on both Step 1 and Step 2

VISA: They sponsor a J1 visa for applicants needing visa sponsorship. Do not sponsor an H1b visa.

8.Michigan State University Program / Spectrum Health--

Program Director: TaLawnda L Bragg MD

E-mail : imcoordinators@spectrumhealth.org

Website : https://www.spectrumhealth.org/medicaleducation

USMLE Score : Require at least 210 on both Step 1 and Step 2

VISA: They sponsor a J1 visa for applicants needing visa sponsorship. Do not sponsor an H1b visa.

9.St Mary Mercy Hospital Program---

Program Director: David Steinberger, MD

E-mail: dsteinberger@ipcmd.com

Website : https://www.stjoeshealth.org/graduate-medical-education/st-mary-mercy-livonia/internal-medicine/

USMLE SCORES : Step 1 and 2 Pass (priority given to pass on first attempt)

YSG: < 3 Years

USCE: Desirable (not mandatory)

VISA:Only Sponsors J1 visa

10.Central Michigan University College of Medicine Program---

Program Director: Nicholas E Haddad, MD

E-mail: cmedim@cmich.edu

Website : https://med.cmich.edu/internalmedicine

USMLE Score : Require at least 220 on both Step 1 and Step 2

VISA: They sponsor a J1 visa. Do not sponsor an H1b visa.

YSG: < 3 years

11.Ascension St John Hospital Program---

Program Director: Raymond C Hilu, MD

E-mail: simon.alrihani@ascension.org

Website : https://medicaleducationsjp.com

USMLE Score : not mentioned

VISA: They sponsor a J1 and H1B visa

12.Ascension Providence/MSUCHM Program---

Program Director: Robert E Bloom, MD

E-mail : samira.ahsan@ascension.org

Website : http://www.aphinternalmedicine.org

USMLE Score : Require at least 210 on both Step 1 and Step 2

VISA: They sponsor a J1 visa . Do not sponsor an H1b visa.

YSG < 5 years

13.Beaumont Health (Royal Oak) Program--

Program Director: Sandor H Shoichet, MD

Email- sandor.shoichet@beaumont.edu

Website : https://www.beaumont.edu/graduate-medical-education/residency-programs/internal-medicine-residency/royal-oak

USMLE Score : Require at least 220 on both Step 1 and Step 2

VISA:They sponsor a J1 and H1B visa for applicants needing visa sponsorship.

YSG: No graduation date cut-off

USCE : not mandatory (but preferred / Observerships not considered USCE)


1. Mercy Health GME Consortium Program--

Program Director: Harry L Ginsberg, M


USMLE SCORES:Pass on first attempt in USMLE Step 1 and step2CK, Step 2 CK>229

US Citizens and Green Card holder status strongly preferred

VISA: visas are considered on a case by case basis.

YSG: <5 years

2.Cook County Health and Hospitals System --

Program Director: Christine Acob, MD


USCE: While it is not required, it can be a positive attribute for your application

LOR’S: Three letters in addition to a dean’s letter.

VISA: They sponsor both J-1 and H-1b visas. Completion of the USMLE Step 3 is required for the H-1b visa, as well as for securing a valid Illinois Temporary license in the State of Illinois.

YSG < 5 years

3.Loyola Medicine MacNeal Hospital Program--

Program Director: Sindhu Joseph, MD


Link: https://macnealhospital.org/health-professionals/residency-programs/internal-medicine-residency/how-to-apply

USMLE SCORES: A minimum USMLE Step 1 score of 220 , minimum USMLE Step 2 CK score of 230 on the first attempt.

For IMG'S preference will be given to candidates who have passed USMLE Step 3 on the first attempt.

USCE: U.S.C.E is not a requirement, but is highly encouraged.

LOR’S: Three letters of recommendation are required.

must have ECFMG certification by 12/21/2021

VISA: accepts J1 visa applicants. The residency program does not sponsor H1 visas

4.Presence Saint Francis Hospital Program--

Program Director: Harvey J Friedman, MD

E-mail: harvey.friedman@amitahealth.org

Link: itahealth.org/for-healthcare-professionals/medical-residency-programs/internal-medicine-residency-programs/internal-medicine-residency-saint-francis-hospital-evanston/how-to-apply

USMLE SCORES: Ideally USMLE scores of 220 or above on Step 1 and Step 2, however applicants with lower scores will be considered if they have other special attributes.

USCE: clinical experience in the United States is not mandatory.

VISA:They sponsor H-1 and J-1 visas.

YSG:< 5 years

Other contact info:

Residency Coordinator

Kathie Kafka



5.Presence Saint Joseph Hospital (Chicago) Program—

Program Director: Shyam Chalise, MD

E-mail: shyam.chalise@presencehealth.org


USMLE SCORES:at least 240 on USMLE Step I and Step II, with no more than one attempt for each exam including the passing attempt.

USCE:USCEis not a requirement.

LOR’S:Three letters of recommendation

VISA: sponsor H1b and J1 visas.

YSG:<5 years

6.Carle Foundation Hospital Program--

Program Director: James S Kumar, MD, MS

E-mail: imrp@carle.com

Link: https://carle.org/for-providers/residencies-and-fellowships/Champaign-Urbana/Internal-Medicine

USMLE SCORES:passed the USMLE exams with no failures

USCE:U.S. clinical experience required, e.g. clinical observership or externship

LOR’S:At least three letters of recommendation (waived letters)

Document at least 4 weeks of psychiatry rotation(s) in medical school


7.Advocate Health Care (Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center) Program— </